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  1. Rumble with Michael Moore

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    Rumble with Michael Moore

    Ready to rumble with Michael Moore?

    You know I’ve got it right, and I know you’ve had it too. It’s just only so much most of us can take… and when you reach that point, what do you do? What do you do that’s just on this side of legal, because not only do we love our country and we love the planet, we love our friends, and our family and our fellow Americans, and our fellow citizens of this world. To say that that we love, has to imply that we give a shit and we care enough to do the right thing; to undo the wrong thing.

    That’s what I meant and you are with me, right now on my very first podcast. It’s called Rumble with Michael Moore, and it’s just what the name implies. This isn’t a podcast  to come to, to just have  the same old, the same old thing,  rehashed and help you confirm whatever your believe system is. This is the place to come if you want to join me in the rebellion.

    We are here to revolt. We are here to not take it anymore. And there is a way to do this. I know that there’s a way to do this. We are, we’ll fix what’s wrong and we’ll create these things that we’ve never really had. And I don’t think its rocket science and I don’t think it is to take a long time.  I think we can all just decide to do it. I mean not everybody is going to join in. Some of them we don’t want to join in with us. But I think the majority of our fellow citizens are.., are ready to rumble, are ready to.., to get involved, to do whatever they can in their daily lives, especially between now and the next November. I know I am.

    Academy Award-winning filmmaker and political activist Michael Moore offers his subversive and humorous take on the issues of the day and talks to a wide range of people from comedians and politicians to the people who’ve tried to kill him. Plus various mischief with Mike’s friends, family and the neighbors who don’t work for the NSA.

    Klick here to listen to Rumble with Michael Moore ….

  2. The beauty industry – trends in cosmetics, personal care and more

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    Beauty industry. The complete guide to the beauty industry for product managers, marketing managers, brand owners, designers and anyone involved in the beauty business. Beauty products such as Cosmetics are to enhance the appearance of a person, its applicability depends mostly on individual taste and preference. Decorative and care Cosmetics come in various types and forms. Notable types of cosmetics are they could be in form of filter, minerals, pigments, powders, preservative, and thickeners. The various forms of decorative cosmetic include: makeup powders, mascara, eyeliners, eye shadows, powders and nail polishes. These product plat an essential role in all stages of our life today.

    Generally speaking, cosmetics product can be categories into care cosmetics and decorative cosmetics.

    Decorative cosmetics; these are those product designed to enhance and change the appearance of the user and at the same time cover up defects. These are mainly for the skin, hair and other appendages (like nails and ips). Examples are make-up, carnival make –up or the professional makeup.

    Care cosmetics: these are cosmetic product which aim to improve, protect and maintain good health, good looks and promote attractiveness of the user.




    The global acceptability of beauty product is unparalleled and amazing at the same time. The global market penetration of beauty product keeps rising on a daily basis. People seen beauty product now as an integral part of their life, just as cloth are essential to daily living, beauty cosmetic) product are extremely essential amongst both sexes today.

    The market penetration of some beauty product in Europe has nearly achieved 100% target user acceptability. Data has it that deodorant usage is close to 100% in the UK, while in France, 98% of adult women and 94% of men use liquid shampoo for their hair.  



    The beauty industry is expanding on a daily basis as new product and new manufacturers enters the market. The competition between the new and old players in the industry has led to healthy competitions, improved research and innovation in almost all areas of their finished cosmetics products. From the branding, to the labelling, down to the product itself. He big cosmetic company has introduce new raw materials and formulas to prevent skin pigmentation, photo aging and inflammation. The most important fact about the trends is that they are customer driven. That is the change in the customer’s desire and taste sometimes force the big industry players to innovate and improve on their product.


    1. Bespoke/exclusive beauty product: influence mainly by the materialistic and individualistic nature of some wealthy consumers who are seeking ways to do things differently from the masses. More brands in the beauty industry are now producing customize, bespoke beauty product to meet the specific individual desires of some very few but rich consumers who can afford it.
    2. Colors; Trending color for color cosmetics and make up complexion have also being develop to their product to keep up with the new trends.
    3. Herbal/traditional material; One of the most notable trends in the beauty industry is the improved use of herbal or traditional substances to create new formulas for cosmetic product.
    4. Next-gen innovative tools; the major brands in the beauty industry are investing heavily in their bid to keep us with the technological advancement of the present consumer. Smarter beauty product and solutions are being introduced. Consumer can now download some beauty applications of their phone to help or aid them in using their cosmetics.
    5. Gender Neutral/Inclusive Product; the recent all-gender cosmetic product trending in the market, the age long gender and age barriers in decorative and care cosmetic have now been broken to pieces. There are numerous beauty product available in the market that are design to be used by both male and female and the popularity this products have gain is a huge shock to the production bands themselves. Brand such as Rihanna’s Fenty beauty line and L’Oreal have lead the pack in this innovation non-gender biased cosmetic product.
    6. Transparency in Product Formulas: Brands that are more transparent in the ingredient and formulas used for their product have won the trust of their users and the market at large, leading to stability for the brands.


    Names of some important established huge brand in the beauty industry today are;

    • Mac cosmetics
    • Chanel
    • IT Cosmetics
    • L’OREAL International
    • REVLON
    • Avon Products
    • NYX Professional makeup
    • elf

    Names of some new but cool brand in the industry are;

    • Saint Jane – skin care
    • Rael
    • Wilding – Empress Collection
    • Act + Acre – Hair Care
    • SEEN
    • Rihanna



    According to TABS Cosmetic data research, the cosmetic market saw a 10% growth in types of products regularly purchased. This increase can be attributed to stronger regular purchases of several products which include foundations and face powder, artificial nails, lipsticks and lip gloss.

    It has been concluded that adequate regular information made available to buyers has contributed to the increase in the purchase of some product. Buyers now read reviews and conduct private research on product of choice.



    1. The word cosmetic has a Greek origin and it is derived from the word “kosmos” meaning to “adorn” or “arrange”.
    2. Here are some fact that you should know about decorative and care cosmetics. Cosmetic surgery is a booming business and its estimated to worth more than $20 billion.
    3. Cosmetics was an integral part of health and hygiene in ancient Egypt.
    4. Every year, the American population spends more on the beauty industry than they spend on education.
    5. The first synthetic hair dye was invented by the founder of L’Oreal Eugene Schueller in 1907.
  3. Beheading Video shows live hostage killing (Warning!)

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    You think it’s a provocative title right? Honestly – why are you here? To watch a beheading video?

    Screenshot of an Islamic State beheading video showing the decapitation of the American photographer James Foley

    Screenshot of an Islamic State beheading video showing the decapitation of the American photographer James Foley

    So. Did you search in Google for beheading videos? Videos in which prominent Western victims such as Peter Kassig, Steven Sotlof and Alan Henning’s heads were separated by terrorists of “the Islamic State”?

    Then you’re in the company of millions of people actively searching for beheading videos online. An archaic horror that has gathered people for centuries in places of execution? A question that far exceeds the themes of modern media society and that requires a thorough examination of people’s souls.

    In her TED Talk, anthropologist Frances Larson explores the question of why and how ISIS’s (Islamic State) decapitations could become a media spectacle, captivating millions of people.

    Here is the TED Talk on the Islamic State beheading videos.


    Check out also the new on Who Watched The ISIS Beheading Videos, Why, And What Effect It Had On Them

    In a survey of more than 3,000 U.S. residents scientists at UCI found that 20 percent had watched at least part of a beheading video, while 5 percent said they had watched an entire one.

    Survey participants were more likely to say they had watched the beheading videos if they also said they were male, Christian or unemployed. Those who reported watching television more often were also more likely to view the videos. So, too, was fear of future terrorism associated with greater likelihood of watching. Prior mental health conditions were not significant factors, but a lifetime exposure to violence was.

  4. Job offer: Scientific Book Project Editor

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    The offer is aimed at applicants of different backgrounds with completed studies, who have already published a lot and/or have experience with the planning and implementation of scientific publications. It is a part-time job for a project duration of 2 years.


    The Project

    • In cooperation with an American Science Foundation, a unique cosmology of knowledge is being created which interdisciplinaryly links the latest scientific findings from physics, philosophy, art and technology.


    What to do

    • Conceptual cooperation in close consultation with the publisher
    • Creation and editing of technical texts in English
    • Scientific Background Research
    • Organizing, structuring and tagging articles
    • Creation of timings and work plans
    • Communication with authors and external partners


    Your qualifications

    • Scientific background. Completed studies.
    • Experience in interdisciplinary research and/or project publication
    • Very good knowledge of English. Native speaker – At least publication is a plus
    • Structured, analytical thinking
    • Project planning experience.



    • Part-time position, 20h/week – on-site in Berlin
    • Exact working hours are negotiable/flexitime
    • Start: September 15th
    • Duration: 24 months with possibility of extension.


    Your application

    • CV, testimonials, cover letter
    • List of Publications
    • Possible start date

    Please send the complete file to Mr. Stefan Mannen at karoshi(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

  5. How can businesses navigate in a time of Morality Recoded?

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    Das Video wird von YouTube eingebettet und erst beim Klick auf den Play-Button von dort geladen und abgespielt. Ab dann gelten die Datenschutzerklärungen von Google.

    We are reaching the limit of the ‘move fast, break things’ mentality that Silicon Valley has pioneered for the past decade. With Facebook and Twitter under threat of regulation, and Amazon on the edge of becoming a monopoly, it is clear we need new rules in place.

    The Trend Briefing of our friends at the London based Future Laboratory will examine how businesses can navigate a time of Morality Recoded as we define a new global, humanist moral code. They will examine how changing consumption behaviour is leading to a Post-growth Society and how brands’ presence must focus on new touchpoints and a less nefarious form of Subconscious Commerce.

    A must for modern age marketers. March 14th 2018. London. Hope to meet you there.