Stefan Mannes und Thekla Heineke

Stefan Mannes - CEO/Partner

Creative Mind with a strategy approach

Strategy Director und Managing Partner

Studied history, political science, and information technology

Marketing Director of a German-American software firm

Account Director for the TBWA/Berlin

Client Service Director for „im stall“, Berlin

Freelancer in online concept and strategy for DDB, RAPP, BBDO

As a passionate historian with a special interest in German history, he founded the Holocaust memorial platform, for which he was nominated for the Grimme Online Award.

Thekla Heineke - CEO/Partner

Creative Mind with a design approach

Creative Director und Managing Partner

Studied communication design, calligraphy, typography und worked as an actress for many years

She stayed in Japan for many years and her trinnial study trip led her to South Asia, South America and Switzerland, among other places.

Designer at the premium design division of Shiseido Cosmetics in Tokyo.

Creative Director of „im stall“, Berlin

Freelancer in art direction for DDB, RAPP, BBDO

As an actress, she has created a very special bond with film and theater director Christoph Schlingensief. She has been able to combine her passion for design with her love for theater and film.