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Success in beautiful packaging: Packaging design and packaging for your products

In general, it is the packaging of a product that makes first contact with the customer, and it must therefore be convincing on many levels. In addition to providing information about features of the product and functional aspects regarding its use, a sophisticated design is important — it should draw attention to the product and entice the consumer to buy it. Products have to make an impression and stand out in supermarkets and other touch points overloaded with information. This is particularly important given that more than 60% of buying decisions are made in the store.

Why you have come to the right place with us

In addition to product quality and pricing, it is packaging that presents another important buying factor. Often, packaging even creates brand identity.

Product and its packaging are generally recognized as one entity. And since packaging elicits a multi-sensual response (visual, touch, and even smell), packaging design offers more opportunities to reach the consumer than any other medium.

We have extensive experience in the areas of packaging and packaging design, both nationally and internationally, in industries ranging from cosmetics to software. As a design agency with offices in Berlin and Tokyo, we design packaging and products for national and international brands, and provide consulting services for all aspects of packaging and packaging implementation. Through the aid of neuro-psychological models, we can analyze the personality traits of your target customer group. We then use these “cues” to design packaging that will send certain messages to the customer.

A buying decision in a fraction of a second – that’s how you recognize
effective packaging design!

Thekla Heineke

We can offer you our extensive know-how in packaging design, as well as complete design services from development to implementation and usability testing. With sophisticated and high-end packaging, we accentuate and heighten the attractiveness of your product, create recognition power, and promote the buying decision on the part of your customer. Additionally, we manage the packaging production for you.

Our portfolio includes numerous projects in the sectors of cosmetics, food, software, and many more. On this page, you will find a small sample of our work.

Whether packaging strategies, concepts, primary or secondary packaging systems, branding, or corporate design – we look forward to sharing our expertise with you!