QAnon’s Adrenochrome Madness

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Buy cheap Adrenochrome online - the secret of HollywoodAdrenochrome. Is this really what you are looking for? Let us tell you something. Humans are naturally curious so it is no wonder that outlandish conspiracies catch our attention. The algorithms that design our social media feed and the publicists that create attention-grabbing news stories know this. Our curiosity is exploited as a means to earn our attention and this constant exposure can result in acceptance or things we may otherwise deny.

Believing in bigfoot or aliens is at best an odd hobby and at least a harmless fascination, but a new conspiracy is gripping the news and its impact could be disastrous.

A group known as Qanon is invested in a conspiracy concerning democratic officials and Hollywood elites running a secret pedophile ring in which they harvest a psychoactive drug from the abused children’s blood.

This statement may sound absurd, nevertheless, people are believing it and taking action to support this conspiracy. Much of what is being portrayed currently is hearsay in an effort to spark further intrigue on the topic. As a result, individuals’ understanding of the conspiracy is being warped and uncharacteristic conclusions are being drawn. For a clear understanding of the current events based around QAnon’s Adrenochrome theory, facts are needed.


What is QAnon?

QAnon can be described as both an individual and a group who believes in the adrenochrome conspiracy.

As an individual QAnon was first noted in 2017. The name QAnon is thought to be related to the individual having a high ranking (Q-Ranking) government clearance level and the fact that they remain anonymous. There is no proof that the individual or individuals behind QAnon have any government clearance or association. It is however true that they are anonymous. They first appeared on 4chan, a site where users can freely post comments and share images. This site is not considered a reputable source of information as rules are lightly enforced and its content is based on commentary, not fact. The posts made by QAnon reference the conspiracy theory mentioned prior. These references are vague and there is no factual evidence to back them.

Posts by QAnon lead to a growing group of individuals who believe in the referenced conspiracy. These individuals find reason in the references, add to them, and act to weed out more information about the conspiracy. Individuals who believe this conspiracy is real are the sum of QAnon as a group.


What is Adrenochrome?

Adrenochrome is a result of the fight or flight hormone, adrenaline. It has been tested for possible beneficial effects on coronary artery constriction and is thought to produce psychedelic like effects in high doses. There is minimal evidence to support the second theory and this hormone is created by most animals.


Events Related To The Adrenochrome Conspiracy

Pizzagate is a conspiracy that took place in 2016. It also originated on the anonymous website 4chan and built belief around a pedophile ring related to democratic members. Individuals invested in this conspiracy believed there to be a backroom in the Comet Ping Pong Pizza restaurant in Washing D.C where children were abused and trafficked. These rumors reached their peak when a believer of the theory walked into the pizza place with an assault rifle to investigate. The individual was arrested and it is important to note that the pizza place in question had no back room.

An Arizona resident blocked a bridge near the Hoover Dam in 2018. The reasoning stated by the individual in question was discontent with the lack of arrests QAnon members had expected Trump to make concerning the adrenochrome theory. The individual had 900 rounds of ammunition with him as well as 4 guns. He was arrested and charged with terrorism.

More recent events have taken place including kidnapping attempts, threats, and property damages. All of which have been linked to a belief in QAnon by the perpetrator’s statements after arrest.

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