Luxury Packaging – Advantages and Disadvantages

This how a good luxury packaging should look like. A superb design for the alcoholic spirit "Das Korn".

This how a good luxury packaging should look like. A superb design for the alcoholic spirit “Das Korn”.

If the product is considered exciting and it reflects the brand and the product itself, then it is called luxury packaging. The use of the word luxury adds value to the product and makes it look important.

Imagine you are buying a luxurious bag and placing it to a plastic bag or buying a branded cell phone place on a paper envelope? What would be your reaction? If this happens almost all the costumers would be very disappointed, why? Simple because when buying a luxury product it serves as a wonderful experience that needs to be remembered.

Luxury packaging design and luxury packaging supplies plays a vital role in the sale of the product. It gives a certain product the representation that attracts the costumers. The perspective of luxury packaging presents product that can connect buyer, to that makes buyer realize that this product is exclusively for him.

Luxury packaging is use not only by famous brands of products but also smaller brand. This can be located inside the beauty halls in a department store all over the world. As you walk inside, you will see a luxurious display of luxury bags, boxes and pouches that aims to temp you to buy these products.

Is there any certain effect of luxury packaging to the product? Below are some advantages and disadvantages of a luxury packaging:

The Advantage of Luxury Packaging

  1. Protection of the product

The packaging of the product gives the product protection. It can help prevent damage during storage and even transportation. Luxury packaging also prevents foreign object to get thru to the product.

  1. Information of the product

Luxury packaging does not only attract customers but also it gives the costumer information about the value of the product and the benefits you will gain from the product.

  1. Marketing strategy of the product

The frontline of marketing is packaging. Thru the use of luxury design of packaging, it helps differentiate the product from other product.

  1. Security of the product

Luxury packaging also make the product tamper – resistant and can help prevent harm from dangerous products.


The Disadvantage of Luxury Packaging

  1. The Cost of the Product

Packaging can do a lot to attract customers attention specially luxury packaging. But having a luxury packaging can also increase the value of the product, having the costumers to be disappointed by the cost of the product.

  1. The Footprint of production

With the demand of luxurious packaging the production itself also increases.  This production requires energy that usually used fossil fuels, thus creating pollution to both air and water.

  1. The Landfill impact

Some of the buyer of the product might throw away the packaging that can cause a waste stream. That is why it is advisable for customers to reuse and recycle their packaging if necessary, or to throw the packaging properly on the trash.

Now if you will be a costumer that buys a product and receives it in a luxury packaging, you already know now what you should do to the packaging. And also you already understand the value of the luxury packaging to the product itself. If you want to know more – don’t hesitate to contact us.