Packaging design trends for 2015

Packaging Design Trends : Stylish yet green. Our design for Dr. Go.

Packaging Design Trends : Stylish yet green. Our design for Dr. Go.

As a packaging design agency we are constantly on the lookout for new trends in the packaging industry. Getting on the cutting edge of these new packaging design trends can be extremely profitable for the future of design as well as the success of our clients.

The top packaging design trends that we have identified for the year 2015 are:

A more organic look

Products and packaging that has its own visual authenticity or organic look are really starting to capture a lot of attention. In today’s digital age quite often seeing a product package that is handmade or more real looking than a digital rendering can capture attention. We are bombarded with so many digital images every day that seeing a package design that comes from a precomputer era will generate a lot of interest.


Simplicity is now a packaging trend that represents its own luxury. While in the past we often look at packaging for luxury brands that was extremely cluttered and overdesigned, luxury brands are now turning to simplicity. As a result we are now seeing tactile textures used with subtle, simple design. This means companies are using a softer color palette, simple graphic elements and icons and small visual cues to represent their luxury brand rather than flash.

Green packaging

This doesn’t mean green the color but rather packaging that is inspired by biology and the environment. Creating packaging that will help customers reduce their carbon footprint is actually a concern for companies as well as their target market. With the use of new innovative packaging techniques made from natural materials packaging design agencies are now creating high-quality packaging that is reducing waste while attracting a target audience. Although Green packaging can take a lot of development, utilizing the simplicity packaging trend with carbon neutral production for packaging can have a profound impact on sales.

These are just a few of the top packaging design trends that we have identified for 2015. If you are interested in putting one of these popular design concepts into your packaging design contact us today.