The products of tomorrow – current packaging trends

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[…] Up to 74% of purchasing decisions are made at the POS (point of sale) – and up to 60% are made based on product packaging and presentation. In order to reach consumers of various cultural backgrounds, it is of the utmost importance that international branding managers adapt their packaging to local market specifics. This requires sensitivity and “crosscultural awareness” on the part of corporations and agencies.

“Packaging that is successful with customers in Germany may not work as well in France, and will probably not work at all in Russia,” observes Stefan Mannes, Managing Director of the agency, kakoii, in Berlin. According to the expert, even in an increasingly global society, it is important to differentiate between the various cultural traditions that define markets. In order to develop internationally customer-centric packaging, packaging trends should not solely be observed from a national perspective.

With offices in Germany and Japan, kakoii serves numerous national and international clients in the areas of packaging and corporate design. […]