Trend Scouting in Dubai, Cairo and Marrakesh

Trendscouting Papier 2016/17.

Trend scouting. Here they are. Ready to order. What you are seeing and possibly already are holding in your hands is more than just wrapping paper – these are the lasting impressions of our worldwide trend scouting adventures. In this edition we’re travelling to Cairo, Dubai and Marrakesh to experience the fascination of the Arab world firsthand.Get inspired by diverse discoveries and moving stories that had – beyond the common clichés – a lasting impact on how we think, feel and create. This is trend scouting for us.


That’s it! The chance of a century is gone. The democratic revolution sadly mourns while the blossoms of the Arab Spring are fading away. Economics, politics, the entire society is paralyzed. Curious to know more, we asked young Egyptians about their dreams. “This country offers no dreams. I have to work as a security guard in a shopping mall with a bachelor degree in law.” Meanwhile the enthroned presence of the Giza Pyramids is invulnerable to all doubt. For almost 6000 years they’ve been conveying the comforting feeling that new hope is just a matter of time.


All eyes on Dubai. Eyes formed by prejudice, history and heritage. They say it’s fake, artificial, a playground for the super-rich. However, if you free yourself from the European perspective you will be rewarded with an exceptional way of life. 1.3 million people from all over the world are constantly reinventing themselves and writing a history of their own. Welcome to the “Center of Now”! And as the top of the Burj Khalifa literally divides the clouds above us, we understand – this place is more real than the Berlin City Palace will ever be. 


A feast for the senses. We are merging with vivid colors, original shapes and fascinating scents. The wind becomes sound as he blows through the snake charmers’ flutes. Our horse carriage stops in front of an H&M store. Stylishly dressed girls holding Starbucks cups are shopping for teasing lingerie. Provoking contrasts like these are the source of the most enticing future trends. Marrakesh succeeded in sustaining its rich history and impressive traditions, mainly thanks to the steady leadership of the royal family. This distinctive energy attracts artists around the globe, like a beautiful, ruthless and inexhaustible muse.