Two wonderful design pieces wie love: Scott Thrifts TIME and PRESENT

Two wonderful design pieces wie love: Scott Thrifts TIME and PRESENTScott Thrift created two divine pieces of contemporary art which transform the tension and stress behind the idea of time into tranquility and peace.  The two minimalist timepieces are numberless clocks, their faces being reinforced custom glass which open up your living space, giving it a vibrant equanimity. Thrift’s exceptional design results in wall clocks which are a unique and irreplaceable part of home décor for any modern apartment.

TODAY is a timepiece which brings serenity into your home with the pallet of cool shades of blue and purple. Thrift has created a wall clock which masterfully melts the colors of placidity together, ironically transforming a wall clock into a piece of art which represents stillness and exudes calmness.  TODAY is a piece available with or without the brushed stainless steel frame (TODAY and TODAY Open), allowing the clock to fit in perfectly with a different number of contemporary pieces of furniture, becoming an integral part of the design of your home.

ThePresent is a more vivacious piece, adding a certain flavor of joie de vivre to the space it enriches with the warm tunes spilled across the glass. As is the case with TODAY, the wall clock has an inviting reinforced custom glass face, it is numberless, silent, and has a brushed stainless steel body. Thrift’s flawless craftsmanship turned the simple timepiece into a vehicle for the transmission of a tranquil livelihood and a thirst for the simple pleasures of life. It is an original piece of art which redefines the space it decorates.

Check out Scotts website for more: https://timeincolor.com