5 Key Packaging Design Trends for this year

5 Key Packaging Design Trends for this yearPackaging design plays a key role in conveying a product’s assists, defining brand identity and consolidating relationships with consumers. It continues to evolve and push boundaries in terms of functionality, multisensory appeal and creative design, keeping any business that strives to stay current and relevant on its toes. This is why it is so important to have a constant and close eye on packaging design trends.

Here are 5 major packaging design trends to look out for this year

1. Simplicity

The recent upsurge of social media has dictated a more personal and consumer-centric approach to branding which has led to the departure of the traditional corporate and staid outlook on packaging designs, to more simple, friendly and even classical expressions. Packaging designs now involve the extensive use of sketchy elements, handwritten or hand drawn typography, and the adaptation of natural color palettes on product packaging, all of which imbue authenticity, trust, and an irrefutable human connection.

2. Multifaceted packagings

To enhance consumer experience and infuse brand loyalty, designers are now crafting packaging that goes beyond the basic purpose of a product by making them useful even after consumption. For instance, a stylish and wooden wine package can be utilized as a wine rack after use, etc.

3. Environmentally conscious packagings

An internal Tetra Pak survey covering 25 countries revealed that 87% of consumers in the developed world have grown considerable concern for global climate change. As a result, the choice of Sustainable packaging seems deliberate for consumers who feel ethically responsible. This has prompted the Bio-based technological innovations to reduce carbon footprint in the environment.

4. Convenience

Children, the elderly and people with disabilities have challenges with regard to strength and dexterity. Brands are now responding to this assertion by generating pertinently sized, highly portable and easy-open packaging to increase autonomy and build self-esteem for users.

5. Minimalism

This packaging trend engages clean, essential and straightforward designs which are geared towards capturing brands in their purest essence. Typically detailed logos are now replaced with unequivocal, staked motifs with geometric and abstract patterns and elements with Monochromatic or dichromatic schemes.

To contend with the dynamic and demanding consumer who desires to live an authentic, simple and green life, designers should keep up with these critical trends in order to create successful packaging.

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